About us

DB Homes
DB Homes has created a design of property that sits beautifully into Countryside

We have applied as much care and attention into building your new home as we would into building our own. We chose our building materials carefully and our Contractor, Suppliers and Craftsmen with a great deal of care and attention. Our Architects have created properties with imaginative layouts, lending themselves to modern lifestyles. We think our customers will be particularly interested in the external layout of the development, our aim was to provide a less dense development, a development where the Countryside could still be enjoyed from within the development.

DB Homes focuses on providing excellent customer satisfaction and strives to provide the personal touch to the purchase of your new home.

Nicholas Craddock
Property sales for this development will be managed by Nicholas Craddock Estate Agents from their Ledbury office. Like DB Homes they are focused on customer care and their sales team are very familiar with the village of Welland and all that it has to offer.


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